Automotive Paint Supply, Ocala, Florida

Ocala, Florida

Ocala, Florida

Automotive Paint & Supply Co.

Ocala's Leading Paint Supply Specialist for over 37 years

It all started with an intelligent, kind gentlemen named Wilson Boozer Jr. He had an idea and ask a smart, young, hard working lady if she would be interested in opening a paint store with him. So the story goes... That was 1979. Wilson and Kathy worked together building the business and earning loyal customers. In 1993 Wilson retired and sold the company to Kathy who has continued to grow our Automotive Paint company... Our Family.

Today we have our store here in Ocala and one in Leesburg. We are also affiliated with Automotive Paint in Gainesville. Most of us have been with Automotive Paint for at least 10 years. Some over 20 years and some are still babies learning. With all these years comes experience, knowledge and dedication. We appreciate and care about all of our customers. From the one's that have been loyal to us over the years to the new ones that walk in the door everyday.

We look forward to many more years with all of you!

We Offer:

Paints and Coatings:

                                         Axalta Coating Systems
                                             (formally Dupont Refinish)      
                                     Cromax ~  Standox ~ Nason 
                                            General Industrial 



                                                             BASF Refinish

                                                    Diamont Basecoat     and     

                                                Limco Supreme Plus Basecoat



                                                                    Sem Products

                              Color coat ~ Special Aerosols ~ Trim Paints ~ Bumper Coater

                                                      Sem Marine   ~~~    Vinyl Coat



                                                   3M products

                       Hookit ~ Stikit ~ Wet or Dry ~ Trizact ~ Air File

                      Purple Clean Sanding Disc ~  Cubitron ~ Dust Free 

                                           File Belt ~ Fibre Disc.


                          Large selection of grits and sizes of your choice.

                                           If not in stock can order in.



                                          Rhynostick and Rhynogrip 6"



                              EXCLUSIVE ONLY TO OUR CUSTOMERS


                                         EVERCOAT EDGE LINE

                           Spot Clearcoat ~ Overall Clearcoat ~ Putty's

                                           Bondo ~ Seam Sealer's



Various Items:

                         Kleanstrip           Al's Liner          Por15          Ospho        Resin

                           Sand Blasting Sand            Disco Clips            Booth Filters

                           Prostripe          Gloves            Protekto Moldings         Hose

                                  DA Pads         Fittings         Buff and Polishing Pads    


                        PLUS MANY PRODUCTS NOT LISTED.


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